BTS – Classic Car & Horse Float Restorations

​So you are thinking of restoring your classic car, 4WD or Horse float?

Restoration takes special skill and know how. Finding the right professional team in auto restorations can make all the difference in increasing the value of your classic vehicle and your own sanity. Let the team at BTS, take care of all your car restoration needs. Our car and horse float restoration experts are highly trained and knowledgeable, and specialize in all body and chassis restoration along with restoration paint. We know how much your classic vehicle or horse float means to you and that is why we pride ourselves on our restoration services and workmanship.

We can handle the following:

​Classic Vehicle Restorations

Horse Float Restorations

Partial Restorations

Closed Door Resprays

Rust Repairs

Chassis  Work

Custom Fabrication

Brake Repairs & Suspension Upgrades

Cooling System Installation & Repairs

Electrical Repairs, Rewiring and Installation

Window Channel & Seal Replacement

Timber work

Upholstery & Re- Trims

Chrome & Stainless Steel Trims

Fiberglass Work

​Our talented team has experience with  various makes and models of classic vehicles including muscle cars, street rods and customs, horse floats of all sizes and 4WD custom rigs etc….

Nothing beats a quality restoration or paint job delivered by a skilled professional. A freshly-painted car or float provides any onlooker with an excellent impression and improves the value of it!


Your Project  Process Includes:

Evaluation, Inspection & Cost Proposal

Book in for a Full or Partial or Closed Door Restoration

Project commence with regular weekly update, Work diary & Weekly invoicing

Final Inspection & Payment

Driveway happily ever after……

BTS – Evaluation & Cost Process

Since each project presents its own unique set of challenges, physically analyzing your vehicle at our workshop & putting up on the hoist is the best approach to generating an accurate cost proposal.

In order to give an accurate evaluation & cost proposal to our customers, we must first evaluate the overall expectations that you have for your vehicle & your budget. Secondly, we must inspect & evaluate the project ourselves to be able to answer the following questions:

How much rust does this project have?

How many parts will be replaced?

Will we have to disassemble in order to give a better estimate?

What changes and or modifications does the customer desire?

How much time will it take to fabricate those parts which are unavailable?

What is the customers overall expectations on the finished project?

Every restoration project is unique and so many unknowns so to give our customers an estimate of the cost to repair and re-build without seeing the vehicle is not possible. We can give you a comprehensive detailed cost plan once the vehicle has been inspected and the unknowns are answered.

Typical charges such as Welding, Fabricating, Preparation & Painting as listed are:

Workshop/Painting Hourly Rate = $100

Materials (Paint & Consumables) can = 40% – 50% of the project

Labour (Strip down, Repairs, Prep, Paint & Re-Assemble) can = 50% - 60% of the project

Other (Transport, Inspection, Admin, Freight) = up to 10% of the project


Weekly payments on invoice are preferred, This keeps your project rolling & allows us to work on (1) job at  a time meaning we can complete the tasks quicker, keep on top  of things as they arise & are fresh in our minds rather than stop start and trying to remember where the job is up to. Also there are no nasty surprises as your project unfolds we can keep you posted every step of the way via our weekly diary on the tasks completed for that week relating to that latest invoice. We also encourage regular inspections and of course should we come across problems we will notify you & discuss the best way forward  for the project etc…. No BILL SHOCK at the end!!!

Pop in & speak to the friendly team @ BTS to get the ball rolling....